Flow regulators - HYDROSTOP


Flow regulators are to be used in rainwater sewage system and technological sewage system, where high flow fluctuation occurs. In cooperation with retention tanks (or retention wells), a flow regulator causes alignment of flow wave by limiting maximum flow capacity. Application of a flow regulator protects other equipment, built upon a sewage system, from hydraulic overload which could cause ineffective operation or even damage. Installing such regulator also enables adjustment of momentary flow to values indicated in a water law permit.

Such flow regulator is made of plastic, PE-HD (non-corrosive material) or stainless steel. A flow regulator structure depends on assumed flow discharge downstream and hydrostatic pressure resulting from maximum fluid level in a tank where such equipment has been installed. The equipment inlet is protected from any impurities with a size constituting a risk of causing incorrect operation of a suppressing system. The flow regulator’s structure enables its stable attachment to the ground of a retention well/tank.