About Us

UGOS ochrona Środowiska Sp. z o.o. Sp.K deals with issues concerning engineering and environment protection.

Our mission is to protect water resources, vital to any ecosystem. We have been present in the market long time ago, and we have completed thousands of ventures all over the country since our beginnings. Many years of experience allow us to introduce specialised and customised solutions and products to the Polish market.

Our solutions have been applied in many fields of economy, including, in particular:

  • infrastructure civil engineering (roads, parking areas),
  • industrial civil engineering,
  • in hotels and food facilities (restaurants, canteens etc.),
  • residential building construction,
  • military facilities,
  • administrative and scientific facilities

For many years, we have been a supplier of equipment and installations for PKN Orlen and Lotos petrol stations, Toyota, BMW, Opel and Lexus car shops, car wash stations, and car depots, as well as other garage and parking facilities; We deliver our products to such real estate developers as DOM DEVELOPMENT, ARCHE and JW. CONSTRUCTION as well as the following manufacturing plants: Coca-Cola Radzymin, Cedrob Ciechanów, Bruggen Polska, EL-Trans Radzymin, Oceanic Trąbki Małe, Nałęczowianka, Piekarnia Oskroba, Baks Karczew, Alstom S.A. PKP Kozia Górka.

Our products have been developed in cooperation with experts of worldwide reputation in the field of environment engineering and fluid mechanics. Our products have been provided with technical approvals of research institutes and attestations of the National Institute of Hygiene, and comply with the applicable waste water treatment regulations.

The UGOS offer comprehensive services in the following scope:

  • consulting and advice,
  • equipment selection,
  • production,
  • delivery,
  • installation,
  • maintenance for offered equipment.

Quick performance is possible due to coordinated work of our departments:

  • Sales,
  • Technical,
  • Production,
  • Logistics & Administration, 

The scope of our solutions is being regularly expanded. We introduce new solutions, in the field of water and waste water management, to the market.

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