Domestic waste water treatment plants

UGOS waste water treatment plant are intended for neutralisation of domestic waste water, generated in households or their small-sized concentrations. Application of UGOS waste water treatment plant is a solution for waste water collection in a place where connection to a collective sewage system is hindered or impossible. Range of the UGOS series of types allows for selection of appropriate equipment for settlements holding from 4 to 500 persons, assuming daily waste water discharge of 150 L per each resident; this results in an efficiency range of 0.6-75 m3/d.

UGOS waste water treatment plant is compact equipment, to be built in a monolithic tank, with technological spaces partitioned within. Tanks of UGOS waste water treatment plant are intended for underground installation. Depending on size of the system, such waste water treatment plant are constructed in polyethylene tanks or reinforced concrete tanks. Each piece of equipment in the type series may differ by size and construction details, however, the principle of operation of such equipment is the same.

Waste water, being let in such equipment, is subject to mechanical and biological purification (active sedimentation technology). Waste water treatment is conducted through the subsequent processes of sedimentation, denitrification, dephosphatation, and filtration. As a result, an ecological effect is being achieved, complying with the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of the 24th of July, 2006 (Journal of Laws No. 137, item 984) concerning conditions to be met while introducing waste water to waters or ground and concerning substances specifically harmful to aquatic environment:


Contamination indexMaximum contamination concentration in purified waste water [g/m3]

General suspension






Total nitrogen


Total phosphorus



Apart from high technological capacity, another advantage of UGOS waste water treatment plant is limitation to basic operational activities. Treatment plant operation is limited to monthly intervention, comprising of: excessive sedimentation level check, discharge filter cleaning, and blower filter cleaning. Additionally, it is required to remove any excessive sedimentation periodically; the intervals between subsequent interventions of that kind depend on the biomass growth rate.

Capacity of UGOS treatment plant may be ranging from 2.0 m3/h to 15.0 m3/h (operation from 4 to 500 PE (population equivalent).