Coalescence separators - SEKO

Coalescence separators are designed for intercepting petroleum substances from wastewater that cannot be allowed into the collecting volume (surface waters, soil, municipal wastewater treatment plant). Such equipment is commonly applied for treatment of rainwater and melting water, coming from contaminated grounds such as industrial areas, ports, airports, cities and towns, roads as well as parking areas and petrol station areas. Such separators may also be used for treatment of process waste water, generated in car depots, manual and automatic car wash stations etc.

A coalescence separator integrated with a sedimentation tank is used for removal of both petroleum substances and mineral suspensions (sand, slurry etc.).

In order to protect the equipment from heavy rainstorms, such separators may be equipped with an internal anti-storm bypass. A compact structure of the equipment facilitates its installation and excludes any requirement to use extensive overflow systems.

All above modifications of a coalescence separator are offered by our company for tanks made of reinforced concrete, polyethylene, and steel. Separators in reinforced concrete tanks are intended for underground installation (vehicle traffic area). Separators in polyethylene and steel tanks are intended for both underground installations as well as stand-alone facilities.

In order to facilitate selection of required product, the equipment have been categorised in the following series of types:

– SEKO – coalescence separator, with flow capacity ranging from 1.5 L/s to 150 L/s, in reinforced concrete tank (SEKO-B), polyethylene tank (SEKO-P) or steel tank (SEKO-EL).