Mineral suspension sedimentation tanks - TRAP

TRAP equipment is designed for intercepting mineral suspension in wastewater that cannot be allowed into the collecting volume (surface waters, soil, municipal wastewater treatment plant). Such equipment is commonly applied for treatment of rainwater and melting water, coming from contaminated grounds such as industrial areas, ports, airports, cities and towns, roads etc.

Sedimentation tanks, which are offered by our company, are being installed in reinforced concrete tanks, polyethylene tanks or steel tanks. Sedimentation tanks in reinforced concrete tanks are intended for underground installation (vehicle traffic area). Such pieces of equipment in polyethylene and steel tanks are intended for both underground installations as well as stand-alone facilities.

In order to facilitate selection of required product, the equipment have been categorised in the following series of types:

– TRAP-P – Mineral suspension sedimentation tanks, in polyethylene tank

– TRAP-B – Mineral suspension sedimentation tanks, in reinforced concrete tank

– TRAP-EL – Mineral suspension sedimentation tanks, in steel tank

Apart from the equipment in the folder, included in the above series of types, we offer customised equipment.