Corporate environment protection

Corporate environment protection means, apart from waste management, a number of obligations related to emissions to atmosphere, water and waste water management and any other industry-specific requirements. In order to address the expectations of our customers, we are going to enhance our service offer with a broadly-defined consulting in the scope of environment protection.

In this scope, we offer the following:

record keeping and reporting (keeping full records and conducting environment monitoring, preparing all kinds of reports, e.g. environment use, National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBiZE), waste reports etc.);

applications for issuance of permits – comprehensive handling of application preparation and conducting official process for obtaining decision in the scope of, e.g. transport, collection, processing, generation of waste, water law permits, emission permits, environment decisions, integrated permits;

supervision over the environment management system according to ISO 14001 – the service includes implementation of the management system, its preparation and acquisition of suitable certificate and its subsequent maintenance;

education – specialised and customised training courses in the scope of the environment protection;

legal supervision – provisional legal assistance in the field of environment protection, representation of a customer before any office and during any checks and audits;

customised software enabling integrated and comprehensive real-time management of environment protection data.

For your convenience, we also offer complete outsourcing of all aforementioned services what enables us to take over all responsibilities for all environmental aspects in your business.