Emptying and disposal of waste water from separators and other objects

The UGOS company renders services consisting in removing gathered waste from separators and sedimentation tanks and cleaning such equipment country-wide. It is possible due to a tank truck fleet and professional, experienced, and appropriately trained personnel.

Any sediment waste (slurry, sand) and liquid waste (water and oil mixture, fat), collected at the site of service provision, is transported and transferred to Neutralisation Facilities, according to the environment protection regulations.

Properly equipped trucks and qualified employees ensure top professionalism of our services. Each service is of utmost importance to us, hence we strive to perform our duties professionally and in a manner that is safe for natural environment.

At the same time we would like you to notice that, according to applicable regulations -  Regulation of the Minister of Environment of the 24th of July, 2014 concerning conditions to be met while introducing waste water to waters or ground and concerning substances specifically harmful to aquatic environment Art. 23 Section 1:  Compliance with the terms referred to in Art. 21. Section 1 It is evaluated according to operational reviews of purification equipment, to be performed by a company at least biannually. Operation of such equipment should comply with recommendations contained in the equipment operation and maintenance manual - it is recommended to perform periodical review at least 2 times a year, and to empty the equipment at least once a year.

With regard to fat separators, it is required to remove gathered impurities twice per month (not less frequently than once a month - according to PN-EN 1825-2) - and to perform general cleaning not less frequently than once every 3 months.


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