Anti-flood valves

Anti-flood valves are devices intended for containing any flooding, to be installed in vertical lines. FK equipment prevents any reverse flow of waste water in a sewage system. Anti-flood valves may be applied e.g. in sewage system outlets, in troughs with high fluctuation of fluid level (natural water courses, drainage ditches).

FK anti-flood valves are made of polyethylene. Due to high differentiation of potential installation points, we offer end point valves and network valves. Considering different ways for connecting anti-flood valve with a sewage system, we manufacture anti-flood valves with bare connector or flange connector.

In order to facilitate selection of required product, the equipment have been categorised in the following series of types:

- FK-LB - bare end point anti-flood valve

- FK-LK - flange end point anti-flood valve

- FK-SB - bare network anti-flood valve

- FK-SK - flange network anti-flood valve


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