Automation and monitoring

Operation and maintenance of the equipment is facilitated as well, due to dry setting of the pumps. Control cabinets, supplied by UGOS Ochrona Środowiska, ensure automated operation and control of a compression system as well as its diagnostics in case of failure. Each cabinet contains a complete set of safeguards, programmable controller with a display, a set of lamps for visualisation of pump facility states and diagnostics, a manual mode, simulation of minimum level allowing pumping waste water down to the lowest safe level, an acoustic and visual alarm (an option to turn sound off is available). A control cabinet may be expanded with a number of additional components, if necessary, such as aggregate socket, electric power measurement, alarm system (anti-burglary system), voltage sustenance system, additional pump safety measures (e.g. humidity sensor), internal lighting, dusk sensor for control of external lighting, rain sensor or flowmeter converter. Waste water level measurement in a pump facility is conducted using a set of floaters or a hydrostatic probe and two safety floaters (these may be used to control the pump facility if the probe fails).

Notwithstanding selected configuration of a control cabinet, each cabinet may be equipped with a remote communication system, used for alerting any failures.  Programmed messages are sent through mobile phone network to a provided phone number of a service team or output for visualisation in the BMS (Building Management System) through potential-free contacts. BMS may also receive analogue signals, such as waste water level read by a hydrostatic probe or current intensity in the pump input.

For our most demanding customers, we offer monitoring and remote control of a pump facility, operated by means of GPRS modem, together with installation of a base station, and delivery of software and visualisation. We also manufacture control stations adjusted to existing monitoring systems, according to diagrams and information provided by a user of a system already being operated.



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