Maintenance and technical reviews of equipment

Regulation of the Minister of Environment of the 24th of July, 2014 concerning conditions to be met while introducing waste water to waters or ground and concerning substances specifically harmful to aquatic environment Art. 23 Section 1 requires compliance with the terms referred to in Art. 21. Section 1) by evaluation according to operational reviews of purification equipment, to be performed by a company at least biannually. Our knowledge, gained experience and appropriate technical background and personnel enable us to provide maintenance services of the highest quality.

Our services include the following:

- periodical technical reviews of clarifiers;

- technical reviews of rainwater and sanitary waste water pump facilities;

- technical reviews, warranty and post-warranty repairs for any equipment manufactured by UGOS Ochrona Środowiska (exclusive authorised technical maintenance).

Each maintenance service, performed by our company, shall be confirmed by an appropriate report and an entry in the equipment’s operation log. Thus, you obtain all documents required to be shown to appropriate inspection authorities.


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