Car wash station closed-loop circulation

The system is intended for purification of severely contaminated waste water, coming from car wash stations, car depots etc.

It operates under a principles similar to classic biological treatment plant; a major difference is application of specific bacterial flora. The bacterial cultures being used have more efficiency and immunity to toxic substances than conventional bacteria decomposing petroleum substances.

Waste water being generated is directed to a slurry sedimentation tank, in order to separate sand and any impurities, mineralised as a result of bacterial activity. Next, the waste water flows through the upper line to a second tank (and to a third one, if necessary). Water collected from the last tank is saturated with oxygen, using a specialised air supply nozzle. Oxidised waste water is returned to sedimentation tanks, subsequently causing oxidisation of the entire content of the sedimentation tank. As a result of oxidation, there is a dynamic growth of bacterial cultures, feeding on petroleum substances compounds, applied to the system. This biological process is conducted in slurry sedimentation tanks, where products of decomposition of petroleum substances and organic compounds are being sedimented simultaneously. The following step in purification consists in saturation of waste water with air bubbles of 0.2-1.0mm diameter, resulting in flotation of impurities and its return, through the upper overflow line, to slurry sedimentation tanks. Before the fluid being purified is let out of the reactor, it flows through a filter made of stainless steel or plastic.

Purified domestic water is fed, using a suction pump, to be reused in the facility.

Capacity of such systems, depending on demand, may be ranging from 2.0 m3/h to 15.0 m3/h.


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